How B Corps Find Strength in Collaborations

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People increasingly are looking to connect with businesses that go beyond the norm. That’s clear from recent polling that found nearly two-thirds of consumers look for companies that reflect their values and beliefs, treat their employees well, and focus on protecting the environment.


The Certified B Corporation community does just that by embracing a better way of doing business. Through certification that shows their supply chains meet high social and environmental standards and that their operations benefit workers and community, B Corps are well-positioned to connect with consumers and create a stronger economy for all.


This week B the Change Weekly shares how the B Corp community connects with consumers by redefining business success beyond the bottom line.

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Catching Customers’ Eyes in the Aisles


Three New England B Corps collaborated to take the Vote Every Day movement to the dairy aisle, “where we could encourage consumers to vote with their purchases,” as Libby Schwab of Pete and Gerry’s says. By using a time-tested promotional method — in-store display — the B Corps were able to catch the eye of modern-minded customers who consider brand ethics and business practices.


Learn how Pete and Gerry’s, Cabot Creamery and Stonyfield Organic collaborated to get customers talking about B Corps and considering the power of their everyday purchases in this article on B the Change.


What’s the Story? Sharing What It Means to Be a B Corp


From supply chain to charitable giving to employee benefits, B Corps meet the highest standards of verified performance — but communicating that mission and impact can be a challenge. How can B Corps best share the meaning of certification with customers?


In this B the Change article, B Corp leaders say focusing on a few key messages and collaborating with others to tell the certification story are powerful ways to convey the significance of “Being a B” to customers.


Acting Together to Protect the Planet


Our planet’s environmental challenges often seem daunting on an individual level. To nurture and protect the Earth for the future, collective action is needed — and B Corps are collaborating to help consumers reduce their impact on the planet and improve the resilience of their communities.


On B the Change, read examples of how B Corps are doing this by offering recycling programs and consumer education opportunities, redefining value by considering all the costs of a product, and reducing waste through social campaigns like #BringYourOwn.


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