Social Business – July 2016

Social Business

Dear Friend:

We are sending you the Save the Date card for the next Social Business Day in Dhaka. You will notice that we have changed the date from a one day program on May 28 to a two day program on July 28 and 29. The registration will be open for all participant at on March 15, 2016.

At the end of Social Business Day 2015 we announced May 28 as the date for 2016 Social Business Day. We are shifting to the new dates July 28-29 for an exciting reason. We have decided to build our own Social Business Convention Centre in Dhaka and hold the next Social Business Day at our new facility. While we have very short time to construct the facilities, our Engineering Team led by Ashraf assures us that we can give it a go.

Next Social Business Day, as a result, will be quite a historical moment for us as this will be the first Social Business Day held at our Social Business Convention centre. This also makes it possible for us to have a two day event, instead of a one day event.

Please don't miss this exciting moment. Bring your friends too. Circulate the Save the Date card as widely as you can. For more information and update please keep visit or

Hope to see you in Dhaka at our very own Social Business Convention Centre!

Muhammad Yunus

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